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Archival Processing: Douglas Anglin, Abbreviations and Familiarization

Hello, My name is Breanna Lester and I am currently completing a practicum at the Archives and Research Centre as part of my degree in History. Upon starting to build upon past student’s work processing the Douglas Anglin collection, I had little knowledge of Africa save for basic geography and, thanks to my grade 12 … Continue reading

The Importance of Proofreading

Another important step that we have added into the mix this week is proofreading. Though it may seem like an obvious and unimportant step in the process, thorough and meticulous proofreading has proven essential to the creation of the final product in the archival process. We have been utilizing our resources in the different perspectives … Continue reading

Getting to know Douglas Anglin

Our meeting with Douglas Anglin began one morning with a visit to Dr. Blair Rutherford, director of Carleton’s Institute of African Studies. I had intended to briefly visit Professor Rutherford in order to inform him of the progress of our archival project when, five minutes after entering his office, I found myself on the phone … Continue reading

Finding Aid Findings

I thought I would check in and update you all on my progress with the creation of the collections finding aid so far. Maybe I will start with what this portion of the Archival Process involves and what purpose it serves. Basically, creating a finding aid better allows researchers to understand the content of the … Continue reading

On the topic of digitization

This week as I was working with Professor Anglin’s collection, I was reminded of the topic of digitization, which is something we discussed in some of my historical theory classes last year.  To my knowledge, it has become a growing trend in archiving to make digitized copies of documents.  You can now find old newspapers … Continue reading

Tuesday Adventures

Unfortunately due to conflicting class/work schedules I am not able to join my fellow colleagues in their Friday adventures, though I often seem to have my own adventures when I am in on Tuesdays, and today was no exception. This morning brought the delivery of a fancy new shelving unit which is to hold the … Continue reading

My average day in the archives (and how we amuse ourselves)

It occurred to me that our readers might be curious as to what an average day in the archives is like for us. I can only speak for myself, of course, so I will try to give you a glimpse at what an average day is for me in the archives. I get in to … Continue reading

Introducing: Jonathan

Hello everyone, this is the final member of the Douglas Anglin archival team reporting for duty. I see I’m a little late to the introduction game but I will stand by the age-old maxim of “saving the best for last” in order to justify my tardiness…just kidding fellow archivists! Poor attempts at humour and pleasantries … Continue reading

Carleton’s African Partnerships

Today I stumbled upon a rather unique collection of folders which had less to do with Anglin’s research but rather more to do with Carleton University’s partnerships with African institutions. As I have mentioned before African Studies is not my field and I really haven’t had much exposure to the Department apart from this practicum … Continue reading